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Spanish general election anticipates new upheavals and need for revolutionary socialist alternative
Sri Lanka: No to terrorist bombing,United workers’ struggle can cut off growth of racism and division
Sudan: No to rule of the generals!
The striking relevance of Leon Trotsky's 'Theory of Permanent Revolution'
Algeria: Bouteflika quits - No trust in the old elite and the generals! Power to the revolutionary workers and youth! 
Will the EU elections shake the “European project”?
"Let's use Bernie's 2020 campaign to launch a mass, working-class fightback"

The system of capitalism is in serious crisis. With massive inequality, impending climate catastrophe, and the loss of confidence in political institutions, it is clear that the foundations of the system are beginning to shake. Much of the political energy of the past year was directed toward the midterm elections where millions of people were...

Socialist Alternative held its biggest ever National Convention on October 20-22. Over 300 socialists from across the country gathered in Chicago to talk about the crisis of global capitalism, the rising wave of labor struggle, the growing women’s movement, renewed interest in socialist ideas, and the growth of the new left. The National...

#MeToo hit the tech world as hundreds, possibly thousands, of Google employees, led by women, organized a historic walkout from work on November 1 at 11:10 AM. Spurred by a October 25 New York Times article highlighting that Google “systemically allowed senior executives accused of sexual misconduct to leave the company with massive severance...

Only days after passing a tax on Amazon and big business in Seattle, corporate politicians repealed the ordinance. Socialists always emphasise that while we must fight to tax the rich, this will always be fiercely resisted and ultimately reversed unless we also have a socialist struggle to change society to place ownership of these companies...

“Until they sign it, shut it down!” chanted West Virginia teachers from all 55 counties across the state at a demonstration in the capitol building on the eighth day of an illegal strike. The teachers, three quarters of them women, defied insults hurled at them by politicians, being called “dumb bunnies” and “rednecks”, showing up...

The publication of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff shook up the political terrain before the book was even released. Trump is no stranger to bizarre tweets, but his twitter pronouncements on the eve of the book’s publication were beyond surreal, pronouncing himself first “like, really smart” and then...

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