The constant smell of smoke from the burning wood fires in the townships, as residents attempt to keep warm from the freezing winter nights in their flimsy tin shacks, is just one of the reasons for the night time smog surrounding Johannesburg.

The other reason is the flames of class struggle that are literally burning across the...

Political situation demands the launch of a mass workers’ party.
The cabinet reshuffle Jacob Zuma announced, like a thief in the night, at 12am, on 31 March, 2017, is the most audacious act of factional manoeuvring since Zuma’s election as president of the African National Congress (ANC) in 2007 and of the...

State tries to crush worker-student unity in struggle for free education. 
Two leading activists of the #OutsourcingMustFall movement, both members of the Workers and Socialist Party (WASP), are facing legal harassment for their role in supporting the struggle for free education.

Capitalist politicians use xenophobia to divert attention from failures of profit system. 
Over the past two months a new ‘wave’ of xenophobic violence threatened to engulf South Africa. Isolated attacks against foreign residents and foreign businesses took place in the south of Johannesburg and the west...

Socialist mass workers party needed. 
The 3 August municipal elections and the student protests have confirmed our perspective following the Marikana massacre: “The battle lines [have been] drawn for colossal struggles to come ... the political reverberations will continue to rock the country like the...

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