At the 2001 Labour Party conference Tony Blair set out his "moral commitment" to the world. He told the delegates that if Rwanda happened again today we would have a moral duty to act to stop it. However, the British government actually contributed to the slaughter by reducing the peacekeeping forces on the...

The Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) condemns the arrest and detention of six human rights and labour activists and the dispersal of a United Action for Democracy (UAD) rally by the Nigerian Police today Wednesday, 3rd December, 2003 at Yaba, Lagos.

Reports on this website (see below) have given a vivid picture of the crisis facing Nigeria and the activities of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM, the cwi’s affiliate in Nigeria).

The Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) welcomes the reversal of the recent increase in the prices of petroleum products by the Federal Government and the oil marketing companies.

George Bush has recently shown a keen interest in African affairs, from moves to combat the spread of HIV to the strengthening of diplomatic and military ties with a number of governments.

The economic situation around here is disasterous. Official figures for inflation are 340% but economic analysts say that the actual figure is over 400%. The government tampers with figures in order to hide the seriousness of the situation. Prices of basic commodities keep going up. Every new stock of goods has a new...

After eight days of grim heroic struggles, the Obasanjo government was forced to reduce the recent increment in fuel prices by 15%. Now petrol officially is to sell at N34 per litre instead of N40, while diesel and kerosene respectively will sell at N32 instead of N38.

BUSH’S VISIT to Africa, no doubt to pave the way for more privatisation contracts for US multinationals, has seen a lot of media interest in the continent that will be dropped as soon as Bush returns to the US.

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