Report from People’s Alternative Summit

Below we publish a report by Tanya Niemeier on Honduras held at the recent Alternative People´s Summit in Madrid. Speakers included workers and democratic and human rights’ activists from Honduras and also Joe Higgins, Socialist Party Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

It is almost a year since Honduras’ elected President, Manuel Zelaya, from the centre right Liberal Party, and were removed from power by a military coup.

Zelaya was kidnapped by military forces and flown out of the country on 28 June, 2009. He eventually returned to Honduras but had to find refuge in the Brazilian Embassy.

Stitched up elections – widely seen as fraudulent by independent observers - put Porfirio Lobo in office in early December 2009. Lobo had been president of Honduras before and lost his post to Manuel Zelaya in the 2005 national elections.

Zelaya is a wealthy landowner but under pressure from the imp