With almost 3 million people participating in the process of primary elections, the coalition of right-wing parties in opposition to the Chavez government, elected a united candidate for the Presidential elections in October.

THE REACTIONARY ’STRIKE’ is the most serious crisis Chávez has faced since the failed coup attempt in April 2002. That coup was defeated by a spontaneous mass movement of the poor from the shantytowns with the support of sections of the army rank and file. Following those events, the Committee for a...

cwi The celebrations by the ruling elite in Venezuela and the White House on Saturday 14 April following the removal of Hugo Chávez from power by a military coup were premature. Within a matter of hours the...

Following the defeat of the coup in April the CWI warned: "…it is now essential that the working class and oppressed in Venezuela seize the initiative and take the necessary steps to overthrow capitalism and establish a democratic workers’ government with a revolutionary socialist programme. If this is...

In the midst of Venezuela’s worst economic crisis for decades, severe flooding killed thousands of people and brought air and sea ports to a standstill. Tony Saunois evaluates the effects of the disaster against the political backdrop of the election 14 months ago of the radical president, Hugo Chávez.

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