In recent months, US imperialism, together with landlords, business organisations, corrupt trade union leaders and the Catholic Church, have stepped up their combined efforts to topple the radical nationalist, populist regime of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a former paratrooper commander.

In the midst of Venezuela’s worst economic crisis for decades, severe flooding killed thousands of people and brought air and sea ports to a standstill. Tony Saunois evaluates the effects of the disaster against the political backdrop of the election 14 months ago of the radical president, Hugo Chávez.

The World Social Forum is a meeting place for all kinds of organisations that fight against neo-liberalism, including environmentalists, trade unionists, and others who wants to go further and seek an alternative, "another world", according to André Ferrari from the Brazilian section of CWI, Revolutionary...

On 18 January, the growing anti-war movement in the US took another important step forward when a crowd estimated at over 200,000 braved the cold and marched on the Naval Yard in Washington DC. The protest was very diverse with large numbers of high school and college students but also many veterans of the 60s antiwar...

Canada’s 40-year old system of socialised medicine is under threat. Powerful private corporations have lobbied heavily for entry into what they see as an untapped, lucrative market. Ontario’s conservative government has been hungrily looking for ways to dismantle the system, in spite of polls showing...

Following the defeat of the coup in April the CWI warned: "…it is now essential that the working class and oppressed in Venezuela seize the initiative and take the necessary steps to overthrow capitalism and establish a democratic workers’ government with a revolutionary socialist programme. If this is...

MILLIONS OF big-business dollars were used by both major parties to campaign for votes. Both represent big business. The Republicans, however, push more aggressive pro-business policies and heavily outspent the Democrats, by $527.4 million to $343.7 million.

Never in living memory has a sitting president strengthened his party’s position in both the Senate and the House of Representatives in mid-term elections. This is in spite of the deepening economic recession.

What elected Lula was the rejection of neoliberalism, but the PT (Workers Party) will not be able to meet the expectations of the masses unless there is a real break with the policies of Cardoso and the IMF.

WHAT DOES President Bush mean to fight a war in Iraq for? Democracy? An end to tyranny? Far from it.

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