Xinjiang is the vast Muslim-majority region in China’s far west where Turkic speaking Uighur Muslims are the largest ethnic group. Under Chinese rule it has been transformed into a 1.7 million square kilometre prison. Rich in mineral wealth and almost twice the size of Pakistan, Xinjiang has assumed even greater strategic importance for...

3 May is designated ‘International Day of Freedom of the Press’. It will come as no surprise that Kazakhstan comes very near the bottom of the world’s press freedom league – 157th out of 180. The following article from Campaign Kazakhstan (

Donald Trump's cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase on 6 April, during a round of "beautiful chocolate cake" with China's president Xi Jinping, marks a reckless and dangerous escalation of tensions in the Syrian conflict.

On Sunday 16 April, Turkey went through the most controversial and questionable referendum in its history. The constitutional amendments which were to give President Erdogan dictatorial powers, including the authority to dissolve the parliament, were brought to a referendum. Officially, the “Yes” side narrowly won, with 51 percent...

Open letter to Reuters, on behalf of 115 security guards previously working for TOTAL and G4S in Yemen.
Regarding: The article “Guards’ pay dispute with Total, G4S evokes Yemen's economic misery” published by Reuters on March 31, 2017.

Vote ‘NO’ gains momentum
If the referendum called by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government results in a ‘NO’ (‘HAYIR’) vote, on 16 April, it will be a massive blow to the regime and a boost for the struggle of the young and the poor for a better life. Such an outcome would...

Defend the four Hong Kong legislators. 
Leung Kwok-hung is a veteran campaigner for democracy in Hong Kong and popularly known as ‘Long Hair’. He is an elected member of Hong Kong’s semi-elected legislature, the Legco, and is making an appeal to the supporters of the CWI internationally to exert...

International campaign needed to force companies to pay.
It is in the nature of capitalism to turn every human disaster into an opportunity to make profit. The war in Yemen has not only destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of civilians; it has also created a landscape whereby multinational corporations can more easily...

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