The new trade union, Amanat, has started active work in defence of workers’ rights in Kazakhstan. Up to today, a number of trade union organisations have taken the decision to leave the ranks of the state trade unions and join the independent trade union, Amanat. As expected, however, we have come up against obstruction from the...

Tensions in Kazakhstan were mounting in the run-up to Kazakhstan’s ‘Independence Day’ this year. It was the sixth anniversary of the massacre of striking oil-workers in Zhanaozen and thousands of miners in Karaganda were on strike. Hundreds were occupying the pits in pursuit of the coal-miners long-standing claim for a doubling of wages...

A dramatic strike struggle has broken out in the Karaganda coal mines of Kazakhstan which now come under 'Arcellor Mittal Temirtau'. Within the first few hours of their strike action, the miners were offered 20% rises and then 50%, but hundreds of the strikers have sworn they will stay below ground until they get the full claim. They are...

3 May is designated ‘International Day of Freedom of the Press’. It will come as no surprise that Kazakhstan comes very near the bottom of the world’s press freedom league – 157th out of 180. The following article from Campaign Kazakhstan (

No to land privatisation - Release Max Bokayev and Talgat Ayanov!

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