This is what you can call a “victory by a landslide”. Sixty six per cent of the seats in the Hungarian parliament were won by the governing, hard right, Fidesz party. They won back the two thirds majority necessary to change the constitution. Against the trend of the last elections, voter turnout increased close to a record 68%. The...

Hungary has been more in the international media recently, both because of its right wing government’s policies and due to the country’s economic crisis which is another threat to the stability of the euro.

On April 9 the European Trade Union Congress has called for a demonstration in Budapest to protest against the summit of EU finance and economic ministers with a protest against cuts. We are using the opportunity to look at the situation in this country hit by the crisis and attacks by the right wing parties.

The Hungarian parliamentary elections in April 2010 secured a landslide victory for the conservative FIDESZ party, with their leader Victor Orbán retaking the Prime Ministerial position that he had held from 1998 to 2002.

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