The dramatic events that have shaken Catalonia and the Spanish state have national and international implications. The decision of the Spanish government - led by the right-wing PP government under Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy - to implement Article 155 of the constitution and end the autonomy of Catalonia, is an attack on the democratic rights...

The strike call of the Sindicato de Estudiantes in Catalonia for Thursday 28th September is winning massive support. Today a press conference of the Sindicato de Estudiantes and PODEMOS was held at the national parliament in Madrid to support the strike. Further reports will follow.

On the 11th September one million people spilled onto the streets of Barcelona shouting loud and clear their intention to vote during the 1st October referendum, making it clear that they were not going to let the ruling Partido Popular (People's Party/PP) deny them this right.

Yet again, as has happened on each Diada [‘National Day...

Solidarity with the victims! Down with terrorism and imperialist war! Their wars; our dead!

Over 100,000 take to the streets in SE demonstrations. 
The general strike of the education sector called by the Sindiato de Estudiantes and the Platform in Defence of Public Education (which brings together teachers unions, parents associations and the Sindicato de Estudiantes) for 9 March was massive and solid....

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