Hundreds of thousands took to the streets in Seville last Saturday in a massive anti-capitalist protest. The government and the police desperately tried to play down the turnout. The local police claimed up to 60,000 took part, and the government said 17,000.

Belgian CWI member, Els Deschoemacker, who took part in the general strike demonstrations in Seville yesterday spoke to Geert Cool: "The demonstrations yesterday were massive. Estimations say there were 200,000 in Seville. In Barcelona it was been between 500,000 and 600,000 and in Madrid there were another...

20 June 2002 - Today’s 24-hour general strike in protest at the Aznar government’s decision to cut unemployment benefits has ground much of Spain to a halt. BBC World Service comments, "The strike got under way at midnight (2200 GMT) and the two main unions, each with a million members, are expecting a...

The EU-summit in Seville was confronted with a very big anti-capitalist demonstration on the evening of Saturday June 22. There were hundreds of thousands demonstrators, probably around 300.000! The demonstration remained peaceful and was very radical. There was a very political mood in opposition to the rightwing...

The aftermath of the general strike on the 29 September

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