When New Democracy (Greece’s traditional right-wing party) and PASOK (the so-called “socialists”) were applying austerity policies, arguing that these were the way to a new period of prosperity, the mass of working class people were furious  and turned to SYRIZA to get rid of these ruling parties. Today the Greek prime...


Greece’s agony continues. This week, more pension cuts and tax increases were agreed by the Syriza-led government and international creditors, in return for €7.5bn emergency loans to enable Athens to feed its debt repayments. Under the new agreement, pensions will be cut by another 18%...

Despite very difficult times, struggle can bring results. 
Over the past two to three weeks much publicity was given to the attempts of the Swedish multinational clothing company H&M (Hennes & Mouritz) to force its employees in Greece to sign new contracts which contained far worse terms. The new contracts...

The struggle continues! After many months of struggle, the redundant cleaners at OSY (Athens Bus Company) managed to get the bulk of their accrued money from the company. This is a very important victory which shows that, even in these difficult times in Greece, united and determined struggle can bring results!

Struggle achieves public contracts for 100s cleaning workers

Strike action wins major concessions from contractors and bus administration

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