The promise of the Corbyn insurgency that began in 2015 is in danger. The triumph of the left-wing backbench outsider in the Labour leadership election four years ago opened up the prospect of overturning Tony Blair's 1990s transmutation of the Labour Party into New Labour.

“There is a real question about whether democratic capitalism is working, when it is only working for part of the population”. This was the warning of capitalist economist Angus Deaton launching his review for the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) on inequality in Britain.

Courage, determination and ingenuity have been on display among the thousands of people coming together in the creative and colourful protests coordinated by Extinction Rebellion in London and elsewhere.

After seven years of self-imposed exile in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was dragged from his place of asylum and arrested by the Metropolitan police. This followed the revoking of his asylum status by Ecuador’s president Lenin Moreno.

It has been reported that politicians across Europe are glued to their TV screens watching the disaster movie unfolding in Westminster. "It is better than anything on Netflix", one former Polish president declared. A more common reaction of working-class people in Britain is to turn off the telly in anger and despair at the latest twist in the...

Yet again as we go to press, the immediate future of the plans for Britain leaving the EU remains unclear. Three attempts at passing May’s Withdrawal Agreement couldn’t resolve it. Two rounds of MPs voting on alternative proposals couldn’t resolve it. Seven and a half hours of cabinet meetings on 2 April couldn’t resolve it. It’s hard...

The Tories imploding over Brexit: general election now! For a Corbyn government with socialist policies One in ten British adults says they trust MPs to do the right thing by the country over Brexit. Why so many? Most of us don't trust them to do the right thing about anything!

With just ten days until the date of departure from the EU at the time of writing, there is unprecedented daily turmoil in parliament on what will happen. The government’s position has become so intractable that a complete government collapse is possible in the coming days or weeks, with a general election becoming the only...

Thirty five years ago, on 5 March 1984, Yorkshire miners walked out on strike against Tory government plans to impose a massive programme of pit closures. They saw it as the first step to a complete rundown of the mining industry.

But there was even more to the miners' strike. Former Tory chancellor Nigel Lawson admitted that Tory...

On 15 February, tens of thousands of school and college students walked out of their lessons to join protests across Britain to demand action over climate change and environmental destruction.

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