Mass strikes and demonstrations on Tuesday, 3 June, show a hardening mood of combativity and solidarity in the battle against pension reform.

An attack on workers’ pensions by French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin has combined with other issues, particularly education decentralisation, to fuel a massive response by workers the length and breadth of France.

The streets of Paris resounded to the beat of drums and marching feet, this Sunday (25 May). Music blared. Rail workers ignited red flares filling the air with smoke. It was a riot of colour. Massive balloons marked out trade union contingents, flags waved. Banners and placards spelled out the demands: No to the...

After the magnificent mobilisation of Tuesday, 13 May, against the government’s proposed pension reform, the biggest trade-union confederation (CFDT), together with the CGC, signed a deal with the right wing government. Will this unholy alliance of the governing party – the UMP - and the national leadership...

Chirac’s victory in the second round of the French National Assembly elections has been widely presented as a further part of a European swing to the political right.

The results of the June 2 first round of the national assembly elections are not simply a right wing success and do not give a full picture of French politics.

The first-round success of far-right leader, Jean-Marie le Pen, in the French presidential elections shocked the world. Hardly discussed, however, were the votes for the Trotskyist parties. Socialism Today interviews Alex Rouillard, organiser for Gauche Révolutionnaire (CWI section in France), on the election and...

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