On 26 September Ali Feruz will be returned to a Moscow court where a decision on his deportation will be reviewed. This follows the earlier decision to suspend the deportation of Ali to Uzbekistan, where he faces likely arrest and imprisonment. He fled that country after being tortured and following attempts to make him become an agent for the...

In early March, a group of Duma Deputies from the ruling United Russia party proposed amending the law “on the status of the Russian Federation’s capital”. The aim of this is to give the Moscow authorities the right, under the guise of “renovation”, to raze to the ground hundreds of thousands of flats across...

New spring of protest opens up, as 1,000s arrested
Two neighbouring countries, Belarus and Russia, have seen significant mass protests over last weekend.

For unified struggle for women’s rights and against capitalism. 
Socialist alternative, the Russian section of the CWI, took part in an “individual picket” outside the State Duma (Parliament) on 17th January to protest against the first reading to remove from the criminal code the article making...

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