The abrupt end to the series of exploratory talks to negotiate a ‘Jamaica coalition’ (so-named because the respective parties’ colours: CDU/CSU (conservatives), FDP (Liberals) and Greens match those of the Jamaican national flag) came as a surprise. The possibilitythat a group of power hungry, ambitious politicians spark a political...

In the end, a somewhat boring election campaign that ignored many of the issues ended in a political earthquake. For the first time in decades, a racist, right nationalist party, AfD (Alternative for Germany), entered the German parliament.

Police intimidation could not deter mass protests of 76,000 taking to the streets of Hamburg last Saturday, July 8, loudly protesting the G20 summit held in the city. A massive and colourful demonstration thronged through the streets in a kilometre-long procession called by a broad left alliance that included the Left Party (DIE LINKE), attac,...

Four months before the general election takes place in Germany, Chancellor Merkel appears to have a safe race and might be in a position of having options as to who she chooses to be her coalition partner.

The hated ‘liberal’ Free Democratic Party (FDP) party, which was kicked out of parliament in the last elections, is...

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