“Hot autumn” for German government starts early as tens of thousands take to the streets in yet another wave of protest against impoverishment programme Agenda 2010

June 13 saw many elections in Germany: European elections (which are the only nationwide elections between two Federal general elections); state parliament elections in Thuringia and local elections in 6 of the 16 German federal states.

400 people attended the “Socialism Days 2004” organised by Socialist Alternative (SAV). It was an opportunity to discuss, debate, exchange ideas and put forward a programme for the struggle against a system that provides nothing but a grim future for workers, youth and poor masses across the globe....

As socialistworld.net has previously reported, Germany has witnessed a wave of protests and strikes both on the industrial and social fields, as well as series of student strikes, towards the end of last year.

On 9 December, in Kassel, in Hessen state, the first cross sector local work stoppage against social cuts, and in defence of free wage bargaining, took place. This action is part of the current wave of protests against the austerity policies that all the major German political parties are trying to implement, at federal...

On 9 December, strike action against the bosses’ federation attacks on wages and conditions and national bargaining will take place in Kassel and the Northhessen region. The strikes will also be directed against the social cuts imposed by the hated Christian Democrat led regional state government.

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