Federal (regional) state elections took place in Hessen and Lower Saxony, last Sunday. In Hessen the right wing Christian Democrats (CDU) went up by 5.4% to 48.8%, the best result for the Christian Democrats in Hessen ever. It is also the first time in history a Christian Democrat prime minister was re-elected. The...

More than 10,000 school students went on strike with university and apprentice students joining the protests in Stuttgart today. The strike was part of a national day of action on February 25th, organised by Youth Against the War with demonstrations and protests in about ten cities. The demonstration was loud and...

THOUSANDS OF building workers downed tools and walked off sites throughout Germany to demand a 4.5% pay rise. The strikers are also demanding a rise in the minimum pay rate for workers in the former Eastern Germany.

The recently launched campaign Youth Against War has organised a successful day of action on February 25th. The campaign was recently launched by different school students’, students’ and appretices’ anti war committees – many of them initiated by members of SAV (Sozialistische...

In diesem Kampf gegen Studiengebühren geht es um mehr. Es geht um die Fragen: Wer hat in Zukunft noch Zugang zu Bildung? Zu wie viel Bildung? Und zu welchen Bedingungen?

Opposition growing against Stuttgart 21, nuclear power and cuts. Opinion poll shows – Germany is in a state of political crisis

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