CWI online spoke to two of the CWI’s (Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna, RS) new councillors, elected on 15 September in the Swedish town of Luleå.

First Jonas Sjöstedt, European MP for the Left Party spoke in favour of Sweden leaving the Stability Pact and the need for budget deficits at certain moments. A week later he apologized. This panic from the Left Party raises several important questions. What is the position of socialists on budget deficits? What...

"Say hey, say ho, say George Bush has got to go". In the biggest demonstration so far in Sweden, 5-6 000 marched against the US war against Iraq in Gothenburg on 18 January.

"At last we are fighting back - this is a strike we’ve been waiting for!" That is the overwhelming feeling among the more than 50,000 workers on strike in Sweden from Monday, 12 May.

Members of the CWI in Sweden have added a new local council seat to the two already held in the town of Umeå and have come from having no seats to winning two in the town of Luleå.

Members of Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (RS), the Swedish section of the Committee for a Workers’ International, are celebrating spectacular gains in the general election held on 15 September 2002. In the two most populous cities in northern Sweden, RS now has five city councillors (up from two in 1998).

The council workers’ strike in Sweden has the support of 84 per cent of the population according to opinion polls. Low paid, mainly women workers in hospitals, schools and childcare are fighting for wage increases of 5.5 per cent. But even a much lower offer from the mediators was turned down by the employers in...

The elections in September 2002 took place during a period of big changes in Sweden. The third government of Göran Persson, the Social Democratic party leader, will act in a completly different situation than in 1998-2002.

The so called ’Truth Commisson’ in Sweden investigating the state’s secret political registers has exposed the widespread use of secret police spying on communists, socialists and workers in struggle.

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