On 19 January 10,000 people demonstrated in a national anti-war demonstration in Brussels. The collaboration of the Belgian government, by allowing US troops and military transports to use the Antwerp harbour, and the international aspect of the demonstrations (the huge international demonstrations of the 18 January...

On the 26 November Mohamed Achrak, a 27 year old teacher from Moroccan origin was shot in Borgerhout, one of the poorest areas of Antwerp. It is almost certain that this is a case of racist murder. A spontaneous protest action of immigrant youth met with severe police-repression and ended up in riots with over 200 being...

Today the tensions in Antwerp (Belgium) have led to several acts of violence. Antwerp is a city with a large Jewish community and a large community of immigrants from North Africa and other Muslim countries. A Jewish synagogue two streets away from my workplace was attacked with molotov-cocktails this morning.

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