And then there were two. The Tories are entering the final stage of their leadership contest, with the choice between Boris Johnson, the want-to-be British Trump, and Jeremy Hunt, the NHS wrecker. Given this crisis, once again it is no accident that new attacks are directed at left Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. It has become a...

Since February, every month this year, there has been a big protest of young people outside Parliament and in town centres around the country. The “youth strikes 4 climate” have brought thousands of young teenagers (and sometimes even younger) out of the classroom and on to the streets. In an expression of their lack of confidence in the...

The promise of the Corbyn insurgency that began in 2015 is in danger. The triumph of the left-wing backbench outsider in the Labour leadership election four years ago opened up the prospect of overturning Tony Blair's 1990s transmutation of the Labour Party into New Labour.

“There is a real question about whether democratic capitalism is working, when it is only working for part of the population”. This was the warning of capitalist economist Angus Deaton launching his review for the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) on inequality in Britain.

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