Birmingham’s bin workers once again have had to strike to stop job losses and pay cuts, after the Labour council reneged on a previously agreed deal.

Disgracefully the council has issued 113 redundancy notices to workers and is clearly setting out to try and break the bin workers’ struggle.

The council claims it has no...

A second reply to Rob Sewell of the IMT group

Rob Sewell's second article in answer to our reply to him on the question of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union's position on affiliation to the Labour Party is simply lamentable, from a Marxist standpoint.

He gives the game away right at the beginning of...

Theresa May's four-week holiday is drawing to a close. She is returning to an autumn of watching her party tear itself apart over the EU. Following her humiliating general election campaign she is really is a 'dead prime minister walking'; powerless to be more than a passive bystander in the Tories' civil war.

According to the...

Who controls the Labour Party remains unresolved, with the pro-capitalist right wing using the structures established under the long years of Blairism to preserve its position while plotting its next move.

The left-led trade unions must urgently build on Jeremy Corbyn's election campaign momentum to really transform Labour into a...

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