DURING PEACEFUL protests last year on May Day in London, the Metropolitan police at Oxford Circus penned thousands of people in, for several hours. Two of those held are to sue the police for wrongful detention. One of them, Lois Austin, a leading member of the Socialist Party (CWI section in England and Wales), was...

On Saturday December 1, 2001 the Socialist Alliance (SA) held a national conference to agree a new constitution. The SA was founded by ourselves and others in the mid 90s with the aim of bringing together different socialist organisations and individuals on the basis of the maximum possible principled unity, whilst at...

One after-effect of the World Trade Centre attack has been an increase in racism and racist attacks. One Afghan taxi driver, who came to Britain to escape persecution in Afghanistan, was paralysed from the neck down after being kicked and beaten by three men in Twickenham, who taunted him about events in America.

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