The Social Democrats have been made the biggest party in Finland’s parliament for the first time in 20 years. Looking more deeply, all signs in the 2019 Finnish parliamentary elections point to a working class lacking leadership and desperate for answers.

On Monday, October 22, the largest trade union in Finland – JHL - launched a two-day political strike against the right-wing government's proposal to make it easier to sack workers in companies with 10 or fewer employees.

Helsinki was at a standstill on Friday, 2 February, as a strike by the transport union, AKT, quickly escalated into national action against the so-called “Active Model” of unemployment. Under the active model, unemployed people are required to prove they have worked in casual, often underpaid jobs or taken hard-to-access training courses in...

Thousands of people in Finland joined over a dozen demonstrations with multiple perspectives on the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin which took place in Helsinki on 16 July. The biggest of these was the left-led “Helsinki against Trump and Putin” which drew 2,000 people on a platform of opposing war, xenophobia, sexism, and...

The October socialist Revolution in Russia was met with enthusiasm from workers and the oppressed around the world. Not least in neighbouring Finland which was under Russian control since 1809. It was a large principality of the Tsarist Empire, an empire which the Bolsheviks referred to as the "prison of nations". One week after the October...

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