"It was an inspiring not to say informative experience. Around 100 young people took part in the conference. A number of discussions took place on the developments that are taking place across the world, especially the US war drive and how to fight it, the situation facing young people in Ireland, and how to build...

The Socialist Party in Ireland, the Irish section of the CWI, scored spectacular successes in the recent Irish elections. Joe Higgins was re-elected as a TD (MP) in Dublin West, coming second out of the three elected candidates. He got 6,442 first preference votes, 21.5%, which rose to7,853 on the fourth count, when he...

Socialist Party T.D. Joe Higgins was suspended from the Dail today until the next session in 2001 because he protested against a ruling of the Ceann Comhairle that only the Leaders of Fine Gael and the Labour Party could argue against the Taoiseach’s proposals for Dáil business.

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