On 27 October a successful conference, “Socialism and Feminism”, organised by Socialist Alternative (CWI), was held in Moscow. Over 50 people participated in lively discussions, linking the two main themes throughout the day.

The day Russia unexpectedly won its first game in the football world cup tournament the government announced a major attack on the pension system. For some time, leading figures in the government have spoken about the need to increase the pension age, first established decades ago, from 55 years for women and 60 years for men. Immediately...

Today, at ten minutes past eleven, an aircraft left Moscow for Germany. On board was Ali Feruz, his partner, his lawyer and a representative of the Red Cross, which has arranged the necessary documents for him to enter and live in exile in Germany. This is, without doubt, a victory for the Hands-off Ali campaign and all who supported him.

There were no shock headlines as the votes for Russia’s new President were counted. The Kremlin had called for a 70% vote for Vladimir Putin, with a 70% turnout.

As it turned out, the Central Electoral Commission announced that he won nearly 77% of the vote on a 67% turnout.It didn’t take Putin long to return to work. At his victory...

Once again, a presidential election in Russia looms and for the fifth time since 2000 there is a simple choice; either Putin or one of the other candidates, none of whom has a chance of winning. The only exception to this was in 2008, when Medvedev stepped in to hold the presidential chair warm for four years before...

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