'Theresa Dismay', 'Gamble backfired'. These are the headlines today in the scurrilous Sun and Daily Mail, right-wing rags that have spent the whole election campaign raining down vicious attacks on Corbyn in the vain hope of a Tory landslide.

The only certain outcome of the general election – two weeks away as we go to press – is that none of the contradictions besetting the political and social relations that sustain British capitalism will be resolved by the 8 June result

Less than two weeks after the horrific Manchester bombing another atrocity has taken place, this time on London Bridge and in Borough Market. Seven people, out enjoying a summer Saturday night in London, were killed, with at least 48 more injured.

The Socialist Party completely condemns this terrible attack. Like Manchester and so many...

The closing of the opinion polls, even after the horrific Manchester bombing, has confounded all wings of the capitalist establishment. The Blairites in Labour are a key part of this coalition and they are just as terrified of the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn being declared prime minister on 9 June.

The Socialist Party has been an active...

On 2 April, presidential elections in Serbia were won by the current Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić. A hard-line nationalist in the past, who miraculously converted into a pro-EU fanatic, he is the latest in a line of Serbian leaders to push the neo-liberal agenda of privatisations and austerity. In that, he is proving to be even more...

Young people out enjoying themselves were instead faced with one of the worst kinds of horror imaginable when a bomb was exploded in the foyer of the 21,000-capacity Manchester Arena. Twenty two people were killed and at least 59 injured by this blast at the end of a concert by US singer Ariana Grande.

An important step in the right direction – Mobilise to fight for socialist change

When New Democracy (Greece’s traditional right-wing party) and PASOK (the so-called “socialists”) were applying austerity policies, arguing that these were the way to a new period of prosperity, the mass of working class people were furious  and turned to SYRIZA to get rid of these ruling parties. Today the Greek prime...

Travellers in Ireland face daily discrimination and racism by the Northern and Southern states and within society, at large. But there are now growing demands for equality from a community that suffers enormously from poverty and bigotry and the effects that flow from this.

Wednesday 1 March was an historic day for the Traveller...

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