The Summer months in Italy saw only a temporary suspension of the open warfare between the classes provoked by the hated Berlusconi government. Now, with the World Cup and the August holidays well and truly in the past, battle has resumed.

Today (October 5) 10,000 people, mainly youth, took part in an anti war demonstration called by the Florence Social Forum. This was part of a national day of action which saw over sixty demonstrations and cultural events taking place all over Italy. The demonstration takes place as Italy is preparing to send one...

CWI online spoke to two of the CWI’s (Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna, RS) new councillors, elected on 15 September in the Swedish town of Luleå.

Earlier this week, we reported on the case of Sergei Kozlovskii, a socialist and gay rights activist facing political repression and huge legal fine.

"Time for a change in Germany", was the title of last week’s right wing magazine, The Economist (London). This reflected the wish of the international and German capitalists for a new coalition government of the conservative CDU/CSU and the liberal FDP that could accelerate attacks on the welfare state...

"It was an inspiring not to say informative experience. Around 100 young people took part in the conference. A number of discussions took place on the developments that are taking place across the world, especially the US war drive and how to fight it, the situation facing young people in Ireland, and how to build...

Members of Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (RS), the Swedish section of the Committee for a Workers’ International, are celebrating spectacular gains in the general election held on 15 September 2002. In the two most populous cities in northern Sweden, RS now has five city councillors (up from two in 1998).

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