Results from last week’s parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic show that the social democrats (CSSD) won with 30.4%, followed by the communist party (KSCM) (18.8%), which is the highest vote for the KSCM since the collapse of Stalinism in 1989.

Chirac’s victory in the second round of the French National Assembly elections has been widely presented as a further part of a European swing to the political right.

THOUSANDS OF building workers downed tools and walked off sites throughout Germany to demand a 4.5% pay rise. The strikers are also demanding a rise in the minimum pay rate for workers in the former Eastern Germany.

Several demonstrations are planned to protest against the World Bank’s Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE) Conference in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, 24-26 June.

Anti-capitalist protesters, trade unionists, and socialists will be demonstrating against the upcoming European Union summit to be held in Seville on 20-21 June 2002. CWI members and supporters from Spain and also from a number of European countries will be part of the protests against the bosses’ EMU. Published...

The second round of local elections affecting 25% of Italy’s electorate confirmed a big electoral swing against the Berlusconi forces after a year of his belligerent right wing government. Even in the North, the center-left ‘Olive Tree’ has gained the leadership of local councils and mayors’...

The results of the June 2 first round of the national assembly elections are not simply a right wing success and do not give a full picture of French politics.

Over the last few days, sectarian conflict has increased in various parts of Belfast. Both sides have blamed each other for starting the recent trouble. But what is the real cause of the outbreak of sectarian clashes? What can working class communities do to stop sectarian attacks? How can decent public housing for all...

THIS WEEKEND’S Golden Jubilee celebrations survived a crisis - Buckingham Palace started burning down. After the public were evacuated and firefighters efficiently got the blaze under control, TV commentators asked the question on everyone’s lips: "Has anything expensive got scorched?"

The first-round success of far-right leader, Jean-Marie le Pen, in the French presidential elections shocked the world. Hardly discussed, however, were the votes for the Trotskyist parties. Socialism Today interviews Alex Rouillard, organiser for Gauche Révolutionnaire (CWI section in France), on the election and...

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