The Iranian regime arrested around 30 steel workers in Ahvaz, the capital of oil-rich Khuzestan Province. This happened on 36th day of a workers’ strike and walkout over unpaid wages.

The Iranian economy is in downfall, and Iranian working class is the main target of this slump. Prices of staples are increasing day by day. The regime has only delivered empty words, and its explanation of the situation is contradictory and deceiving. In the summer, the regime's supreme leader Khamenei said that “not all our problems stem...

The Iranian regime has started harassing and prosecuting university students because of their participation in nationwide January protests alongside workers and the poor. On 18 June, Tehran University students staged a rally against the security forces' breaking in colleges and arresting students and the shameless sentences by the courts that...

Week by week, the acute economic crisis in Iran is bringing new social groups in confrontation with the regime. Six months ago, the poor people, unemployed and disillusioned youth in tens of small and peripheral towns engaged in the protests what were unprecedented but not unexpected. Along with the street protests, strikes, protest...

Three months after the December-January protests that shook the country, Iran is still a smouldering fire. Despite killing dozens of protesters and the arrest of thousands, the regime has not been able to push back the anger in society and to intimidate the masses.

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