Egypt’s president Mubarak and Jordan’s King Abdullah are feeling the ground shaking under them. They are both completely economically dependent on the US, while workers and poor people are heavily against the US war plans in both these countries.

IT WAS a global revolt without precedent by the people against their political ’masters’. The worldwide anti-war protests on 15-16 February resounded with one voice to say ’No War’.

"If our great country becomes involved in an all-out war, the sacrifice must be shared. In that regard, I am preparing legislation to authorise instatement of the universal draft and other forms of mandatory national service."

There was an anti-war demonstration in Osaka yesterday.  The organisers claimed 1,500. It was a very good demonstration and march.  The atmosphere was good - lots of youth and, surprisingly, a very large percentage of foreigners, mostly westerners but some Asians and people form the Middle East. Those present...

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