The international day of protest against war on Iraq was observed in Indian Occupied and Pakistani Occupied Kashmir. According to media reports over 2,000 people demonstrated against the war in Srinagar (capital of Indian Occupied Kashmir), including various organisations including trade unions, Left political parties...

70,000 people turned up at the Amsterdam demonstration against the war, called by the Platform Against the New War. This is a coalition of two hundred small, and some big, organisations. It includes the Socialist Party (a broad Left party) and Offensief, the Dutch section of the CWI. The platform was established during...

In the biggest demonstrations in Sweden for many decades, 80,000 marched in Stockhom, 30,000 in Gothenburg and 2,700 in Umeå. In total, there were demos in around 40 cities. All over the country, the demos were dominated by youth and had a strong Left wing flavour.

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