Tony Benn, the veteran British socialist, described the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in its coverage of Iraq as a "weapon of mass deception".

In recent months massive anti-war demonstrations have taken place in Europe and significantly in the US itself. With the outbreak of war these demonstrations will not diminish, but will instead dramatically grow in size and anger as the brutality of this war is brought home.

The US administration is discussing the possible use of nuclear weapons against the people of Iraq, according to William M. Arkin, a military affairs analyst writing in the Los Angeles Times (26 January 2003).

cwi WHEN US Secretary of State Colin Powell was asked if the planned war with Iraq was all about oil, he denied it, claiming "the oil of Iraq belongs to the Iraqi people" and would not be exploited for...

Monday’s (27 January) general elections in Israel saw Ariel Sharon’s Likud party double its vote to 37 seats. The Labour Party (which is the traditional party of the Israeli capitalists) plunged to an all time low of 19 seats. Turnout was 68.5%, the lowest for an election to the Knesset in Israeli history.

cwi In the light of Hans Blix and the weapons inspectors’ report that there is no "smoking gun", conclusive evidence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq, the prospect of an immediate war...

A document made public last Tuesday by a British student group ’Campaign against Sanctions on Iraq’ revealed that as many as 500,000 people in Iraq could suffer injuries and require medical treatment if the United States and its allies launch a war. The group obtained a confidential United Nations’...

More than 10,000 demonstrated against the war in the streets of Brussels last Sunday. This was an important succes given the fact the trade union organisations didn’t realy mobilise and given the fact that some on the left had boycotted the demo.

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