Unable to visit Bogota, Colombia’s capital, because it is considered too dangerous, Clinton was compelled to spend his brief visit in the costal resort of Cartagena. Protected by 350 US agents and 5,000 Colombian soldiers, Clinton met with Colombia’s President Pastrana to give benediction to ’Plan...

The situation outside the Holy Cross primary school has developed into an ugly stand-off as community leaders talk about trying to settle the conflict. At root, this conflict is about redefining boundaries between Catholic and Protestant areas, which is further polarising the communities.

THE SECOND round run-off in Peru’s presidential elections illustrates the desperate need for a mass socialist alternative for the workers, peasants and downtrodden sections of the middle class and urban poor.

The struggle against privatisation in SA has entered a qualitatively new stage. At the end of August Cosatu will be holding a two-day general strike to protest against the government’s plan to privatise the Electricity Supply Commission (ESKOM).

The bitter power struggle between rival factions of Indonesia’s ruling elite came to a head this summer. The People’s Consultative Assembly completed a nine-month campaign to oust president Abdurrahman Wahid, voting 591-0 on 23 July to replace him with his deputy, Megawati Sukarnoputri.

The 300,000 strong 21 July demonstration and the state repression in Genoa are turning points both in Italy and for the growing worldwide opposition to capitalist globalisation.

Argentina’s financial crisis is threatening an economic meltdown which could also sink the economies of South and Central America and have a catastrophic impact on the world economy. US imperialism and Argentina’s rulers are attempting to make the working class pay for this crisis. But these attacks have...

The mid-May Italian election victory of Silvio Berlusconi’s right wing House of Liberty alliance grabbed the headlines. Some commentators, like the Wall Street Journal, hoped that the defeat of the Olive Tree centre-left government, along with having Bush II sitting in the White House, marked a further step...

Supporters of Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid clashed violently with police last week in the capital Jakarta. This follows renewed efforts by the national parliament to impeach the head of state.

LAST WEEK the Macedonian army and police launched their biggest offensive so far against rebel Albanian forces. The horrific prospect of all-out civil war has come one step closer.

It has been the biggest working class mobilization of the last decades. It shook every single town in Greece and not only Athens. It caused a complete paralysis of everything and everywhere. There have been many general strikes in Greece during the last decade. Certainly over twenty in all. But not one of them can be...

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