The Workers and Socialist Party (WASP), the South African section of the CWI, held a National Committee meeting, in Johannesburg, at the beginning of September. Delegates discussed the working class responses to the attacks of the Ramaphosa ANC government, the birth of a new socialist trade union federation (SAFTU), the possible launching of a...

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Turkey held snap elections on 24 June, out of which the ruling AKP and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan arose seemingly triumphant. But at the heart of Erdoğan’s decision to call an earlier vote was his concern of avoiding elections in the midst of a huge economic crisis, the manifestations of which are becoming sharper by the day.

In the last few days, a massive student movement has rocked Mexico, in an inspirational show of strength by the student community of UNAM (main Mexico city university) and other campuses which have joined together to expel the fascistic “porros” groups from campuses. More than 39 campuses have voted democratically in mass assemblies to...

The day Russia unexpectedly won its first game in the football world cup tournament the government announced a major attack on the pension system. For some time, leading figures in the government have spoken about the need to increase the pension age, first established decades ago, from 55 years for women and 60 years for men. Immediately...

The pictures were shocking: Over five thousand rightists move through the city centre of Chemnitz, in the eastern German federal state of Saxony, last Monday, 27th August. Some of the crowd beat migrants, threw bottles and stones at counter-demonstrators and attacked journalists. The police appeared unwilling or unable to stop the Nazi...

Australia saw yet another change of prime minister in late August. After a week of high drama, the Liberal Party booted put prime minister Malcolm Turnbull from office and installed Scott Morrison in a 'party room' vote.

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