Public sector strike and soldiers’ mutiny expose reality behind “economic growth”. 
Côte d’Ivoire is currently going through a period of heavy social turmoil. The year had started well for the ruling regime, with the anouncement of an expected 8 % GDP growth for 2017 (the highest in...

Photo gallery selection of CWI actions during weekend of mass protests. 
Donald Trump’s inauguration saw millions take to the streets of cities across the US and worldwide, on Friday 20 January, and especially on Saturday 21st. Among the biggest mass marches in US history, the dozens of international 'Women's...

CWI organizes protests as millions prepare to fight Trump’s agenda. 
On January 20 and 21, as Donald Trump will be marching into the White House to become the new President of the United States,  millions of people will march on the streets across the world to oppose his reactionary and pro-billionaire...

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