The collective wage agreements of more than half a million workers will expire on March 31, 2020. The various unions have to file their new applications by October 2019. So they are now beginning their discussions to determine their strategies and demands.

On 15 February, tens of thousands of school and college students walked out of their lessons to join protests across Britain to demand action over climate change and environmental destruction.

On 14 February, British prime minister, Theresa May, suffered her tenth parliamentary defeat over Brexit. The Tory party is split down the middle. May’s government is on the brink of collapse.

Yet it is at this precise moment, one of intense governmental crisis, that seven Blairite MPs have chosen to resign from the Labour Party,...

The gilets jaunes revolt in France, now in its fourth month, not only threatens the survival of Emmanuel Macron, his government and his party. It has inspired movements of discontented workers and young people far beyond its borders. It has also helped widen the fissures that already exist between the major European capitalist powers.

Mass protest can force ministers to leave. After two months of protest, mainly pushed forward by young people, one of the four Belgian ministers responsible for climate had to resign. The Flemish regional minister, Joke...

Forty years ago, a great revolution against a dictatorial monarchy was in progress in Iran. Recalling the heroic scenes of those days still inspires us; scenes of comradeship despite the shortage of goods and fuel due to long days of nationwide strike, initiatives by working people to manage their communities and workplace, mass demonstrations,...

Nurses and midwives are taking strike action in southern Ireland over pay and workplace conditions. A national rally is taking place today, in Dublin, as the nurses' union, INMO, plans a third week of strike action.

The platform of the new Social Democrat-Green government in Sweden, based on an agreement with two parties from the right-wing alliance parties (Centre and Liberals), is extremely neo-liberal and anti-working class. Now it is important to mobilise the greatest possible resistance. Struggles from below are already increasing, with dock workers...

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