After three weeks of increasingly angry mass protests, French President Emmanuel Macron suspended the massively contested tax on diesel. It remains to be seen whether this will defuse the mass movement calling for his government to resign.

More people are concerned and anxious: the future of our planet is on the line. The recent IPCC-report claims we have only 12 years to avoid irreversible environmental disaster. Despite the warning signs, the political establishment do not seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation. Many workers and youth do understand the need of urgent...

Over the last weeks, France has witnessed widespread protest against neoliberal president Emmanuel Macron and his government. Close to 500,000 people blockaded roads and roundabouts on Saturday 17 November.

On 11 December, after a five-day House of Commons debate, Theresa May’s Brexit deal will be put to a parliamentary vote. Among the multitude of divisions and rows, what all sides can agree on is that it seems unlikely the vote will go her way. This presents a huge opportunity for our side - workers, trade unionists, young people, all who...

Government abandons its campaign against financial risk as private companies queue for a bailout

"No return to knitting needles - defend the right to choose." The slogan thundered in large protests, organised in 33 towns all over Norway last Saturday. The demonstrations protested against the right-wing government's planned attack on abortion rights. 

The Iranian economy is in downfall, and Iranian working class is the main target of this slump. Prices of staples are increasing day by day. The regime has only delivered empty words, and its explanation of the situation is contradictory and deceiving. In the summer, the regime's supreme leader Khamenei said that “not all our problems stem...

A new wave of repression is sweeping China’s universities. Security forces have detained more than a dozen student activists since the start of November. All the victims are connected to a solidarity campaign for factory workers in southern China, where a fight to establish an independent trade union began in June. Their solidarity campaign,...

United Socialist Party (CWI in Sri Lanka) statement on deepening crisis in the country.

Huge confidence in the working class to change society

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