The revelations about the sexual abuse of children in the U.S. Catholic Church have become an enormous issue for the nation’s 64 million Roman Catholics, and for society as a whole. When the scandal first broke in the Greater Boston area this January, the extent of the problem and its wider implications were not...

The BBC current affairs programme, Panorama, recently broadcast a two part investigation on Northern Ireland that revealed more details of the dirty undercover war carried out for decades by the ‘security forces’. Most of the material appeared to come from the forthcoming report of the long-running...

As the spiral of violence in the Middle East escalates, possibly towards a wider war drawing in the surrounding Arab countries, US President Bush continues to show the incapacity of the leading imperialist power on the planet to offer any solution to the conflict.

It has now become clear that the Austrian TUC is preparing for a de-mobilisation of the bus workers action. High up union officials have led the protests and a meeting of the TUC national body was fixed to convene as the blockade started!

"The sad statistics about African economic performance have become so familiar as almost to lose their ability to shock: that, for example, more than half the population lives on less than $1 a day, 250 million people have no drinking water, and two-thirds of the world’s cases of Aids are in southern Africa.

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets in Seville last Saturday in a massive anti-capitalist protest. The government and the police desperately tried to play down the turnout. The local police claimed up to 60,000 took part, and the government said 17,000.

Public bus transport throughout Austria is at a standstill today (25/06/02) as 3,000 drivers take strike action for 48 hours. The strike is in protest at an attempt by the right wing government to sell off 30% of the state owned bus firm. The union says that ‘part privatisation’ will destroy 1,000 out of...

40,000-75,000 protested in Washington DC on April 20th against Bush’s "War on Terrorism" and its possible extension to Iraq, US aid to Colombia, the School of the Americas, and the annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank. There were also solidarity demonstrations in San Francisco with 15,000...

From January 31st through February 4th, workers, youth, environmentalists, and an assortment of activists welcomed the corporate elites of the World Economic Forum to New York City, with rousing protests of over 10,000 people.

In diesem Kampf gegen Studiengebühren geht es um mehr. Es geht um die Fragen: Wer hat in Zukunft noch Zugang zu Bildung? Zu wie viel Bildung? Und zu welchen Bedingungen?

The EU-summit in Seville was confronted with a very big anti-capitalist demonstration on the evening of Saturday June 22. There were hundreds of thousands demonstrators, probably around 300.000! The demonstration remained peaceful and was very radical. There was a very political mood in opposition to the rightwing...

The Nigerian electoral commission (INEC) has refused recognition to the National Conscience Party, the radical party led by Gani Fawehinmi. This is an attempt to prevent it taking place in the coming round elections for every position from the Local Governments up to the Presidency.

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