Donald Trump's cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase on 6 April, during a round of "beautiful chocolate cake" with China's president Xi Jinping, marks a reckless and dangerous escalation of tensions in the Syrian conflict.

Big business and DFL establishment join forces...Don’t Let Corporate Cash Buy this Election!

Theresa May has called a general election for one reason - not the reason she gave - but because of the government's weakness in face of a rising tide of anger in British society.
Workers are suffering the most prolonged squeeze on wages since the start of the nineteenth century. Benefits cuts are leaving millions without enough money to...

On Sunday 16 April, Turkey went through the most controversial and questionable referendum in its history. The constitutional amendments which were to give President Erdogan dictatorial powers, including the authority to dissolve the parliament, were brought to a referendum. Officially, the “Yes” side narrowly won, with 51 percent...

No support for Trump or Assad – For workers’ unity.
Working people in the U.S. and around the world were understandably horrified by the images of children dying from Sarin gas in Idlib, Syria. It is only the latest barbaric act in a civil war that has seen 400,000 die and millions driven from their homes.

Fight for a socialist Brexit.
Talk of Britain 'going to war' with Spain, European politicians telling each other not to 'lose their cool' - it could all seem rather surreal. But the Gibraltar tensions that have developed in the latest stage of the Brexit process show the truth of what the Socialist Party has argued. The...

Old political elite discredited.
The presidential election in France is gathering pace and has become far more open. More than 40% of the electorate are said to be still undecided as to who to support and whether to vote at all. A deep discontent with the existing order is reflected in the dramatic rise in recent days in...

Shock quickly followed by strong showing of solidarity.
We condemn in the strongest possible terms the horrific suspected terrorist attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm last Friday, 7 April. Four people were killed and 15 others injured. We mourn with all those affected.
In Stockholm, shock and concern was quickly...

Open letter to Reuters, on behalf of 115 security guards previously working for TOTAL and G4S in Yemen.
Regarding: The article “Guards’ pay dispute with Total, G4S evokes Yemen's economic misery” published by Reuters on March 31, 2017.

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