50 years since the greatest general strike in history

Much has changed in the half century since the revolutionary events of May 1968 in France. At that time there was still a 'cold war' between states with very different social systems - capitalism and private ownership of industry in the West and Stalinism in the...

All is not well with capitalism. Economic jitters parallel political volatility. Stock market highs in December turned to mass share sell-offs in February. Colossal personal and governmental debt stalks the system, limiting the capitalists’ room for manoeuvre. In reality, the global economy has not fully recovered from the 2007/08 crash.

Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet Union’s last leader, left a truly historical legacy. Aiming to reform bureaucratic rule he helped unleash forces that led to the complete collapse of Stalinism in Russia and eastern Europe. That then fed capitalist globalisation, opening up new markets and cheap labour – and a worldwide propaganda offensive...

On 30 January 1968 the National Liberation Front (NLF) and the People's Army of Vietnam launched the Tet Offensive against US and allied troops in South Vietnam. On the 50th anniversary of this key stage in that war, we print edited extracts from 'Empire Defeated: Vietnam War, the lessons for today' by Peter Taaffe.

On 15 January 1919, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, the finest brains of the German working class and its most heroic figures, were brutally murdered by the bloodthirsty, defeated German military, backed to the hilt by the cowardly social-democratic leaders Noske and Scheidemann. On this 99th anniversary, we look at Luxemburg’s...

The IMF in its latest prognosis praises what it sees as a stable growth of the world economy. Yes, there are some risks the IMF says, not least the political ones. But the crisis has been overcome, and a new and rosy period lies ahead. However, if you only look at the surface, that picture might seem true. In June, Fed-Chief Janet Yellen said...

See below the document on Latin America discussed, amended and approved at the November 2017 meeting of the CWI International Executive Committee.

Here we publish the final agreed, amended and approved version of the Thesis on the European situation voted on at the meeting of the CWI International Executive Committee in November, 2017. 

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