The IMF in its latest prognosis praises what it sees as a stable growth of the world economy. Yes, there are some risks the IMF says, not least the political ones. But the crisis has been overcome, and a new and rosy period lies ahead. However, if you only look at the surface, that picture might seem true. In June, Fed-Chief Janet Yellen said...

See below the document on Latin America discussed, amended and approved at the November 2017 meeting of the CWI International Executive Committee.

Here we publish the final agreed, amended and approved version of the Thesis on the European situation voted on at the meeting of the CWI International Executive Committee in November, 2017. 

We publish below the final, agreed and amended version of the World Perspectives document approved at the CWI International Executive Committee meeting in November. 

2017 marks the 100-year anniversary of what became known as the 'Great Strike' in Australia. Sometimes referred to as the 'New South Wales General Strike', this huge upheaval actually spread to all the eastern states of Australia. In many respects, it was probably the most intense period of class struggle that Australia has ever seen. It...

An international campaign by capitalist politicians and media has been unleashed against president Nicolás Maduro’s Venezuelan government. It has been used by Labour’s Blairista right wing to try to weaken Jeremy Corbyn. In Spain, the spectre of Venezuela has been held up as a warning of what a Podemos-led government would mean. The close...

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