"The credit system appears as the main lever of overproduction and over speculation in commerce solely because the process of reproduction, which is elastic in its nature, is here forced to its extreme limits.

THE US, the most powerful economy in the world, responsible for a third of world output, is reeling with shock. This time there are no foreign terrorists who can be held responsible for disaster striking. It is capitalism itself that is responsible.

Did the fall of the USSR prove that socialism will inevitably fail?

A socialist activist in several countries, revolutionary journalist par excellence, novelist, and poet – Victor Serge was a man of huge talents. During his extraordinary life (1890-1947), Serge graduated from youthful anarchism to Bolshevism. He took part in revolutions and spent a decade in captivity. He worked...

Amid the recent upturn in class struggle in Italy, and the alleged reappearance of the Red Brigades armed campaign earlier this year, the recent publication on the life of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli could hardly be timelier. Senoir Service charts the rise and successes of the radical Feltrinelli publishing house in the...

"HOW COULD IT be", ponders Noreena Hertz in the opening pages, "that ten years after landing in Leningrad to set up Russia’s first stock exchange – a travelling saleswoman with capitalism in my briefcase - I now felt a burning need to question its very tenets?" The answer to this is partly, according to Hertz herself, the...

In the late 1960s, the name of Frantz Fanon became associated with the idea of a armed revolution in the ’Third World’. In the words of his biographer, David, Macey, in his new book, ’Frantz Fanon: A life’,  "Fanon came to be seen as the apostle of violence, the prophet of a violent...

’I went to the World Social Forum at the request of our international movement - the Committee for Workers’ International - to assist in raising the need for a socialist alternative on a world basis among workers and youth who had gathered from around the globe.

One 17 year old ISR and CWI member from Sweden said: "It was enormous to see so many people - it was a great journey".

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