In the late 1960s, the name of Frantz Fanon became associated with the idea of a armed revolution in the ’Third World’. In the words of his biographer, David, Macey, in his new book, ’Frantz Fanon: A life’,  "Fanon came to be seen as the apostle of violence, the prophet of a violent...

’I went to the World Social Forum at the request of our international movement - the Committee for Workers’ International - to assist in raising the need for a socialist alternative on a world basis among workers and youth who had gathered from around the globe.

One 17 year old ISR and CWI member from Sweden said: "It was enormous to see so many people - it was a great journey".

MUCH TO THE surprise of Western capitalist governments, all Russian forces will be withdrawn from Afghanistan before 15 February. Gorbachev’s eagerness to meet the agreed deadline, however, is as one-sided as last year’s Geneva Accords. Under this UN-sponsored agreement between the USSR, the US, and...

The end of April protests against the FTAA summit in Quebec were the latest headline catching illustration of the growing popular challenge to neo-liberal policies and to "globalisation", i.e. the increasing domination of the big monopolies and larger imperialist states. Coming immediately after the...

Genoa and the worsening world economic situation necessitate that the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) fully takes stock of the present general economic, social and political situation in order to prepare our members and wider layers of activists to intervene in the stormy events which loom.

Anyone who participated in the 300,000 strong demonstration against the G8 summit in Genoa on 21 July this year will look back on it as an historic day – a high point. After it, nothing will be quite the same - in the lives of those who were there, in the anti-capitalist movement or in Italy.

Summer is usually a period when "not much happens", at least in Europe. But this Summer is like the calm before the storm. The mass demonstration in Genoa and the last general strike in Argentina are indications of the tumultuous years ahead.

Throughout Europe the clashes around the Gothenburg EU summit have been utilised to unleash a propaganda barrage against the growing anti-capitalist movement in general and socialists in particular. Completely wild and undefined accusations of being "anarchists", "hooligans" etc. are being hurled...

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